My educational offer

My Educational Offer

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The narration has always belonged to humans, and their need to tell about themselves, share, know, and listen to.

I consider the narrative one of the traits that distinguish men from beasts, therefore a fundamental aspect of the development of the child and adolescent (an ontogenetic part of human development) and, let me say, essential to the evolution of man (a phylogenetic aspect of human evolution).

Storytelling in a foreign language creates a space in which the child or adolescent or adult, learns to express themselves in another language, developing their communication skills in general and in particular, expanding the lexicon and improving the phonetics in the second (or third) language.

The word bilingualism is often the focus of discussion and controversy. Still, it certainly refers to a communicative ability in a language that does not pass through translation from another language. We can discuss if a mother tongue should live in the place the language is spoken. Still, I believe a lot of mother tongue speak their language very badly. 

I believe, the possibility of structuring bilingual learning depends on the way you approach education and a non-mother-tongue, still well-prepared, language teacher could be better than a mother tongue teacher without method.

Within a well-directed narrative path, we notice an increase in group self-esteem and the desire to improve. This passion also brings the desire to live in a better surrounding environment and the desire to be part of it.

Theatre is narrative, but it provides an essential bodily expressive component that engages and significantly develops personal resources at different levels. 

Making gesture, voice and words work in harmony is the real challenge of the actor and the student. 

Good memorization also leads to greater security in autonomous processing. 

That's why I believe art is one of the most generous incentives for learning.

Theatre Labs in the language (English, Spanish, Italian)

StoryTelling Labs in Language (English, Spanish, Italian)

On-Line Language Personalized Courses

Hocus & Lotus - for a total of 30 stories

Translations if you need

Listen to me here

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