mercoledì 17 agosto 2016

The elements of Shakespeare's Tragic Tales in a shell

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Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays. His tragedies are dark stories about flawed characters that grow up advancing in the story, with the story, step by step. Each character you met at the beginning of the story, will be different at the end of the same story. Like every human being it evolves from the childhood to adulthood.
They talk about doomed romances, jealousy, madness and power.
All human peculiarities in progress.
The heroes in the tragedies deal with greed, ambition, vengeances all sort of things that cause their misfortunes and, eventually, their death.
In Shakespeare tragedies we find a lot of soliloquies (solo speeches) that help the audience to understand what's going on in the character's mind.
In most of the tragedies appear supernatural characters such as ghosts and witches.
Some are violent and show the darkest side of human nature but in some, we find comical characters like jesters (or fool) that usually are the wisest people in the story.
The most of the characters go mad by despair and die.

I am going to talk about some of them very soon:

HAMLET. A ghostly figure appears high in a Danish Castle, it is the spirit of Prince Hamlet's Father. His father the King of Denmark. He came back to tell the young prince the dark truth  about how he died: murdered by Hamlet's uncle Claudius. Hamlet planned to get revenge ... from that moment Hamlet always talks about death.

MACBETH. Returning from a battle, Scottish Lords Macbeth and Banquo meet three witches. The witches tell Macbeth that he will become king but, they also told them, that Banquo's children will rule one day too. Lord Macbeth, urged by the very ambitious Lady Macbeth (his wife), kills the king and Banquo too. But soon Banquo's glaring, blood soaked ghost come to him and ...

KING LEAR. Before to divide his kingdom between his three daughters, old King Lear plans to understand how much they love him. The kind Cordelia refuses to take part to this game and King Lear banishes her from the kingdom while the two other daughters Lear, plot against the king and against one another ... the old King Lear turns furious. Almost all of the main characters die.

JULIUS CAESAR. This is just one of the four tragedies Shakespeare wrote set in Ancient Rome. Roman senators fear that J. Caesar might become too powerful. They plot to murder him, all of them want to murder J. Caesar but their crime give up light to a bitter struggle for control over the empire...

ROMEO AND JULIET. Romeo and Juliet are in love but their families are in contrast. Montecchi vs Capuleti (in English Montagues and Capulets) so they cannot love each other. Even if the families are sworn enemies, Romeo secretly visits Juliet beneath her balcony in the Italian city of Verona (this is the most famous scene)... this time they are innocent victims. Romeo kills one of Juliet's family in a fight. He escapes. Juliet want to reach him faking her own death. When finally Romeo find her she was like ... dead, and ...